Who are they? NIGHT NURSE is a female fronted rock band from the dark northern land Finland. It was founded 2012 when Camy started to searh mucisian and band called Jim Dandys’s Revence contact her. Soon the grpup was named as a Night Nurse.

What happened?  First album was out in a same year 2012. Tracks was recorded before  Nurse Camy was joined the band, so after few turns, the songs was mixed and album was out. 2014 bassplayer changed and 2014 EP “First Aid” come out. It was little bit far from what you can here in a future because few members was changed again and new blood was running in 2016 and give a weapons to singer, bringing new songwriter and composer out. BEWARE THE NURSE! New music is coming out in 2017!!!

Where are they now? NIGHT NURSE is on wheels and they have all the instruments of horror in their mobile surgery. You can spot the nursemobile, Cadillac ambulance. They have played in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria and in Finland of course. Find the gigs and dates and be saved!


Genre: Rock
Band location: Helsinki – Tampere – Hämeenlinna, Finland
Contacts:Email: nightnurse@live.fi

We are looking for gigs! We are interested in venues and festivals all over world.

All the band members have been active players and music lovers since forever. We diversified our music and you can hear the different influences. We have unique sound and  we promise your audience a great show for all your senses!


Breathtaking, Heart Stopping Murder Nurse, Voice that makes the Blood run Cold, Lady Law and Disorder. More information www.the-camy.com

Mice the bone saw

Lead guitar sawer, bite off the amputation.

Rip Radioactive

Sticks’n’Skins His drum beat RIPs your heart and body.

Camilla Rauhala, Camy
Mikko Kanninen
Markku Ollila

Mike ‘The Dick’ Bayend

Wizard of the upright bass, Name states the state of mind, You can’t handle the ‘D’

Ari Arsenic

Toxic Guitar Slinger, Alchemist and a Sinner, Player from Down Below
Mikko Lahdenperä
Ari Junna